Jumbovac pump master
Made in Ireland

Pump Master 80


  • Separate liquids and solids
  • Recycle expensive coolants
  • Efficient liquid transfer
  • 1" pump

Product Description

The Pump Master is perfect for dealing with large volumes of liquid, it can handle flood water, oils and coolants; sucking up 4 litres per second.

If you need to transfer liquid from one location to another, the Pump Master can be filled (impressive 80 Litre capacity) then wheeled to another location to either drain out waste water or pump out recovered oils or coolants into a drum.


For coolant recovery the Pump Master has an internal sieve basket.  This allows a mixture of coolant and chips to be vacuumed, then when emptying the drum the chips are filtered out through the sieve and also fines are filtered at the pump, allowing the recycling of coolant.  The recovered coolant can be pumped out of the Pump Master into another drum for storage or re-use.