Jumbo Vac XL 150 – Wet & Dry

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Jumbo Vac XL Wet & Dry, the same amazing suction power as the original Jumbo Vac 80 but with almost double the drum capacity.

The XL Wet & Dry has an impressive 150 litre capacity in both wet or dry operation.  Quickly empty liquids through the 51mm drain valve.



Everybody we’ve asked agrees, The Jumbo Vac XL excells, no question.

Large Capacity

With the 150 litre capacity drum you can now tackle the biggest of spills or floods more efficiently. Using the 63mm Ø hose you can collect 5 litres of water per second across 15m of hose.


You can also use the Jumbo Vac XL Wet & Dry to collect coolants, lubricants and oil. To change to dry pick up, simply remove the anti-overflow device and insert your dry filters.


Compatible with the Floor Master Attachment for fast cleaning of large wet floors.

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