Interceptor Lid

£239.00 ex VAT

Jumbo Vac Standard Interceptor Lid. Use this along with your Jumbo Vac to fill your own drums.


Do you ever need to pick up material for storage or disposal in your own drums?  If the answer is yes, the Jumbo Vac Standard Interceptor Lid could be the solution to your problem.

Use the suction power created by your Jumbo Vac Industrial Vacuum by connecting the Standard Interceptor Lid to the Jumbo Vac.  You use a length of 63mm diameter hose to connect the 2.

Place the Standard Interceptor Lid on top of an open top steel drum.  Connect the interceptor to your Jumbo Vac Industrial Vacuum.  The Interceptor  has a second spigot for the pick up hose.  Using this second hose, you fill directly into the separate drum.  This is ideal for recovering spills, recycling or disposal of material in your own drums.