HEPA Jumbo Vac XL Dry

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An industrial vacuum cleaner with all the power you expect from the Jumbo Vac range, now with HEPA H14 filtration.


The HEPA Jumbo Vac lets you clean up potentially hazardous dust.  The H14 filter allows the operator to pick up fine, hazardous dust such as that from MDF.  You can use the HEPA Jumbo Vac in all the same settings as the standard Jumbo Vac XL150.   It has the same impressive suction power 3.6Kw, that you expect from the Jumbo Vac range of industrial vacuums.  You can use all the same tools such as the Floor Master Attachment and the All Areas Tool Kit to make this the most versatile industrial vacuum and speed up the safe cleaning of your work space.