Jumbo Vac 80 Floor Master New Motor Housing
Made in Ireland

Floor Master 80 Vacuum


  • Suited to work anywhere
  • Tough enough to take the rigors of any workplace
  • 3 x 1.2Kw motors
  • Extra long hose
  • 2 filters providing double filtration
  • 80L capacity
  • A range of tools can be supplied in various sizes

Product Description

Warehouse Floor Cleaning

With it’s height adjustable 710mm wide front mounted floor brush the Jumbo Vac Floor Master is ideal for cleaning large floor spaces such as warehouse floors.

The Jumbo Vac glides across large floors with ease cleaning wide swathes with minimum effort and preventing dust becoming airborne.


With 2 filters providing double filtration the Jumbo Vac can be used to collect even the finest dust.


Easy to Empty

The Jumbo Vac has a capacity of 80L.  It can be easily emptied either with disposable waste bags or lifting the drum from the trolley and tipping out.

Long Suction Hose

Hose is available in lengths to suit your needs.  A range of tools can be supplied in various sizes.

Product Reviews

As part of a 5S program in the Essexford Joinery factory, we investigated methods of removing wood dust from; machines, extraction pipes, and the factory floor. We got a demonstration of the Jumbo Vac and were very impressed. 1year on we have not looked back. The factory has been transformed from a dusty environment to a clean and professional looking environment. We would highly recommend the Jumbo Vac.

Essexford Joinery – Niall Mooney