All Areas Wet Tool Kit
Made in Ireland

All Areas Tool Kit – Wet

Product Description

This wet use All Areas tool kit makes your Jumbo Vac Wet vacuum a versatile cleaning machine that enables you to clean every part of your commercial or industrial property from floor to ceiling and workshop equipment.

The Jumbo Vac All Areas Wet Tool Kit includes all the tough tools you need to clean large floor areas, attack walls, reach into roofs and poke into crevices.

The Wet Tool Kit gives you:

  • A chrome 3-piece wand for cleaning large floor areas
  • An aluminium extension tube for reaching high up
  • A 355mm wide squeegee to clean wet floors
  • A round brush with soft but tough bristles
  • A plastic crevice tool for poking into corners and tight spots without causing damage to surfaces
  • A tool carrier that hooks onto your Jumbo Vac for easy access.