Cyclone Interceptor Lid

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If you need to fill your own drums with fine dusts or powders, the Jumbo Vac Cyclone Interceptor Lid will dramatically reduce the amount of dust carried over into the Jumbo Vac vacuum itself.


When you need to clean up extremely fine dust, such as ash or soot that quickly blocks filters, then you need the Jumbo Vac Cyclone Interceptor Lid.  This lets you fill your own drums and vessels with fine dusts or powders and will dramatically reduce the amount of dust carried over into the Jumbo Vac vacuum itself.  It helps keep more of the material you want to keep in your own drums and less carried into the Jumbo Vac filters.  Simple and hassle free.

If you are cleaning out biomass boilers or reconditioning appliances, working with fine wood dust or metal dust; the Cyclone Interceptor Lid will make handling super fine dust hassle free.  You simply place the Cyclone Interceptor Lid on a steel drum.  Connect 2 hoses to the interceptor; one connects to your Jumbo Vac Industrial Vacuum – to create the suction.  The second hose is used to pick up the soot / dust material. Hose can be supplied in lengths to suit your needs.  The All Areas Tool Kit is compatible with the hose and Cyclone Interceptor Lid.  Use the All Areas Tool Kit for cleaning up fine dust from even the most hard to reach areas.