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Exceptional cleaning performance

for any industry sector

JumboVAC industrial vacuum cleaners have been designed and perfected and refined by our engineering team for over 30 years.

Our commitment to continuous improvement, efficiency and usability has equipped Jumbo VAC with a versatile and powerful range of industry vacuum cleaners

For any industry sector to include agriculture, distribution and supply chain,  engineering and infrastructure, manufacturing and woodword work spaces..

Industry sector


Jumbo VAC is being used widely by the agriculture sector.  From grain and crop farming to poultry and live stock, our versatile industrial vacuum range provides efficient use of power for bulk and large cleaning jobs on the farm. Jumbo VAC can be used for a variety of farming and agricultural applications, such as internal or external, wet or dry. Request personal demo.

Industry sector

Distribution & supply chain

Jumbo VAC is the cleaning choice of many companies involved in distribution and supply chain.  Because of it’s incredible suction power and range of sizes, from 60 to 650 litres, the Jumbo VAC is a popular choice in grain stores and animal feed distribution plants.  The long hose allows you to reach all corners of your store.

Warehouses get dusty, forklifts carry in dirt and its wheels grind it to very fine dust.  The Jumbo VAC Floor Master with its 710mm wide front mounted floor brush is the solution to this cleaning problem.  This vacuum allows you to clean wide swathes with each pass.  It is quick and easy to clean large open floor spaces.

Vehicles and trailers can be cleaned using the Jumbo VAC.  The All Areas Tool Kit makes getting into nooks and crannies easy with a crevice tool, brushes and wands.

Industry sector

Engineering & infrastructure

Every industry has to manage waste and cleaning, each industry has different problems requiring differing solutions.  In some engineering practices expensive coolants are needed for specific processes.  At the end you’re left with a mixture of coolant and swarf chips that is now useless and needs to be disposed of.  The Jumbo VAC Separator was developed to help engineering firms save money by separating the coolant and chips, down to 2mm.  The coolant can be re-used and the swarf disposed of.

Large buildings and stadiums have various cleaning requirements, from pitch side Aco channels, to cleaning stands and walk ways, plumbing and drainage the cleaning tasks are many and varied.  The Jumbo VAC Wet and Dry can tackle all of these jobs with ease.  The Wet & Dry All Areas Tool Kit  has all the tools you could need to reach all areas of your building.  Made up of various long reach wands, brushes, squeegees and crevice tool this kit helps you get into those hard to access areas.  Emptying options can be tailored to suit the facility.

Industry sector


Factories are under increased scrutiny to be kept clean, hygienic and dust free.  There’s always going to be some waste produced in the manufacturing of goods.  Whether it’s food production, packaging, household goods or parts for an aircraft there will be waste and dust created.  The Jumbo VAC comes in a range of sizes to suit the scale of your building and the volume of waste material you need to collect.  From the smallest unit, our Jumbo VAC 60 Easy Empty to the Jumbo Vac XL 650 litre, all our vacuums are powered by 3 x 1.2Kw motors creating exceptional suction power.  All our vacuums are designed to work in the most industrial settings, providing you with years of hassle free cleaning.

Industrial Vacuums for manufacturing
Carpentry and joinery industrial vacuums
Industry sector


The presence of sawdust, shavings and wood dust in the wood working industry poses a constant risk. The highly inflammable nature of wood dust requires the use of an industrial vacuum to prevent dust and shavings from building up in the work environment, and shavings should be vacuumed at source wherever possible. Industrial vacuum cleaners for sawdust and wood shavings are necessary safety measures

Cleaning woodworking machinery and the areas around it is quick and dust-free with Jumbo VAC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners.