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HEPA H14 Jumbo Vac

By 16th November 2020No Comments
Introducing the latest Jumbo Vac Industrial Vacuum, the HEPA H14.
Clean air has never been more important than it is today. Sweeping floors in work spaces makes for dusty air, By using a Jumbo Vac industrial vacuum you can quickly and efficiently clean up dust and dirt without stirring it up. All the Jumbo Vac range of industrial vacuums come as standard with double filtration allowing the pick up of very fine dust. If you need that extra level of filtration when picking up potentially hazardous dust, such as that from MDF, then check out the Jumbo Vac HEPA H14.  For more information call our sales team on 028 37539175 or email we will be ready to advise on the most suitable vacuum for your situation.