Jumbo Vac XL 650 – Dry

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Jumbo Vac XL 650 Dry, the same amazing suction power as the original Jumbo Vac 80 but with a LOT more drum capacity.

If you have a lot of cleaning up to do, you will want to spend less time emptying and get much longer before you stop.  This can be achieved when you have 650 litre capacity.


Everybody we’ve asked agrees, The Jumbo Vac XL excels, no question.

Large Capacity

With the 650 litre capacity drum you can now tackle the biggest clean up jobs more efficiently. Using the 63mm Ø hose you can collect waste for longer periods without needing to stop and empty.

Bulk Cleaning

The massive 650 litre drum allows the operator to work for longer.  This scale is brilliant for works places where there is a large area to clean.  The Jumbo Vac XL 650 can be used with either flexible hose or a fixed pipe work, ideal for multilevel cleaning.  You can use the All Areas Tool Kit with this model for easy cleaning of all areas of your workshop.

It has conveniently located power connectors and switches on the front of the unit to make it easy to switch on and off.

When you want to empty or move it, it’s quick and easy to disconnect your power cables.

The Jumbo Vac XL 650  also has a built-in filter shaker so you can quickly shake fine dusts from your filters without having to stop and remove the power unit.

When ready to empty, the unit can be moved using a fork lift and bottom emptied into a skip/ bulk bag.