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Customer Reviews

Noel O’MahonyFacility Manager at the Aviva Stadium

JumboVac have been an excellent company to deal with. They had taken our complex requirements and delivered a customised product, suited exactly to our needs. The Facilities team at the Aviva Stadium have been using the Jumbo Vac Xl Wet and Dry for 3 months now and are very happy with it.

Niall MooneyEssexford Joinery

As part of a 5S program in the Essexford Joinery factory, we investigated methods of removing wood dust from; machines, extraction pipes, and the factory floor. We got a demonstration of the Jumbo Vac and were very impressed. 1 year on we have not looked back. The factory has been transformed from a dusty environment to a clean and professional looking environment. We would highly recommend the Jumbo Vac.

Sean MurphySeamus Murphy & Sons Storage

We have recently purchased a Jumbo-Vac from KHC Ltd. Co Armagh. We needed a Jumbo-Vac to help us keep our grain stores free of dust and debris which is vital in our line of work. The Vac proved to be a great machine which is very easy to handle and move around. The suction of this vac is second to none. The Jumbo-Vac is really helping to make our work easier in keeping our stores dust free and clean. It was a pleasure dealing with Seanna and Brendan. Their knowledge, expertise and understanding was paramount in us taking a decision to purchase a Jumbo-Vac